Ans: Download our application form from our Website and Email us the scanned copy.

Ans: The record holder should send us evidences along with references, we don’t consider other records. The record holders must follow our guidelines.

Ans: Evidences are nothing but the scanned copies of photos or video, audio and paper cuttings.

Ans: Yes, if your record is confirmed then you need to pay a processing, service & handling charges . Certificate, Medal & Weblisting, the registration fee is Rs.12,000/- (Normal Track processing, 30-40 working days ), Rs, 14,000/- (Fast Track processing 10-15 working days) (The prices mentioned here is only for the Indians, for other nation’s people the prices would vary depending on their location) 

Ans: Once we receive your payment for our service, then for normal track it will take 30-45 days, fast track 10- 15 working days. 

Ans: Yes recently we had  Co-ordinators for Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra region and Tamilnadu only.

Ans: Yes, for live event the organizers must strictly follow our guidelines. They should maintain good hospitality with our adjudicators.

Ans: Yes, Fast track cost is Rs.14,000/- (10-15 working days), you have to mention as fast track while applying. Normal track charges are mentioned above, it would take 30-45 working days to dispatch the award kit

Ans: Right now we are not issuing any softcopies.

Ans: Yes, We are Government Registered Private Company

Ans: Yes, we are charging for the service that we are providing, it takes lot of efforts and needs manpower to issue a certificate. Other organizations  are endorsing their brands for advertisements, they have sponsors for that, the one which are providing free they do very slow processing which takes months and years. 

Ans: No, we don’t provide any doctorates and also we don’t encourage our record holders to take fake Doctorates. Doctorates must be taken from a registered University which are UGC recognized. It takes lot of efforts to get a Doctorates.We request all,  not to believe in  foreign universities where they are issuing fake doctorates.

Ans: Yes, once it is approved then its valid for only 45 days only, after that the application and its details will be deleted from our database. Next time you can’t apply for any of the records.

Ans: No, email confirmation is only conditional. Until the certificate is printed, record details should be listed  in website and published in book, the record won’t be considered.

RNI number is required only for the organisations which publish newspapers on daily basis or for publishing magazines weekly or monthly. We Publish our book for every two years. So the one who publish books to protect their copyright needs only ISBN number and it is not mandatory.