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The book of records  that are operated by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary are India, Asia, Bangla, Nepal, World Records University.

The record holder who  do not qualify for a record are given a appreciation certificate , those who gets qualified are given offer of Honorary doctorate from World Records University (claims to be autonomous), for a price of 85,000/- by courier.

The book of records are not eligible for giving Honorary doctorates, as the honorary doctorates are awarded by Universities that are UGC, AICTE approved and are free without any fee.

This is smart way to extract from parents and record holders in the name of records by providing appreciation certificates, awards and honorary doctorates.

Please beware of this Fraud Companies which are operating in India and spoiling the name of the Country, there must be some strict action taken against this practice.

Please do not believe in fake reviews that are managed by online reputation management, do your own research on this as many articles have been published and are still available in google, which includes the articles about Biswaroop Roy by Wikipedia, Fake Honorary doctorates  by Times of India, Tribune etc.