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Fake India Book of Records

Fake India, Asia & World records University (issues useless doctorates for a price for record holders) is BOGUS, FRAUD, SHAM & FRANK.

This book in India is considered to be a fake with no genuine authenticity of its content**. This book is created by self proclaimed doctor cum nutritionist bishwaroop roy chaudhry, who does not seemed to have any medical backing in practical. The book is based in Faridabad based office of India.

The book is created for sole purpose to back mr. Bishwaroop roy chaudhry’s various entities and establish trade practices in India thru its name. The name as suggested by India book of records” has no authentic and  affiliated dealings with or in association with government of India and in particular does not received any kind of patronage with country’s government.

The affiliation of this book with Asia book of records, another book started by same mr. Bishwaroop roy chaudhry, does not seems to be apt and considered non – authentic since it does not yield any specific area of its publication (S).

Over a period of time this book has also started affiliation with Indo-Veitnam medical board (Non existent & with no medical background), research institute of complementary health (Another paper institute with *no government affiliation* in India), bimemo *(Fake entity), **Vietnam book of records* (Created by Mr. Bishwaroop roy chaudhry itself), *world record university (With no legal recognition and any trustee members), **world record union (Self created by mr. Bishwaroop roy chaudhry), Bangladesh book of records, Nepal book of records and **other fake & associated entities.*

*The primary aim of these books and entities seems to fraudulently involve in forged and mal – medical practises not only in India but at mass level in world* solely centred at one person mr. Bishwaroop roy chaudhry, self acclaimed doctor cum nutritionist headquartered in faridabad – India.

Nether the book nor its associated entities has government recognition either in India or elsewhere.*Fake World Records University *— *issues fake doctorates for records holders.This world records university issues a doctorates to the record holders in various fields, which is* complete illegal,* **they gives fake honorary doctorates for small children like age from 5 years. He is earning crores of money from last 9 years by giving fake doctorates & records. **It is owned by fake doctor Biswaroop roy chowdhary, director of India book of records and Asia book of records (Fraud).This article published in Wikipedia but deleted by India book of records and Asia book of records. All the reviews are fake.*If possible kindly go through his Wikipedia.I request Government of India should take action on him.

Wikipedia Article that was published on the Editor of India Book


ABP News Channel has exposed his illegal activities.



B grade actor of disaster film










People who encourage him must know about him, all his reviews are fake managed his own team who write about him.

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary is the one of the biggest cheater of India, who uses internet technology for marketing his products. He was also knows as scamster by media group and quack by medical council of India.