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Book of Records

We High Range World Records like to bring an awareness among people by exposing the fraud and fake record companies.

Facts about Book of Records

There are many book of records that are flourished in India. Few record companies have been degrading  themselves by encouraging and certifying useless and baseless records that doesn’t serve any purpose, just for the sake of money.

Some book of records are giving doctorates.

Few are calling the record achievers and forcing them to more records.

There are  record companies who claim to operate from UK, USA etc. have no valid proof’s of their offices or any registration,  just fooling public in by interacting with them via WhatsApp and providing offshore bank account details and giving only softcopies for a huge price.

There are companies who give records for kissing, wearing t shirts, underpants etc., which is done to gain popularity, doesn’t serve any purpose and whom people are paying huge money to invite them from London for piece of framed certificate.

Facts to be checked while applying any record:

  1. A record company never forces anyone to do record
  2. Book of Record company never gives honorary doctorate for a price
  3. The book of records company never ask for registration fee before the approval
  4. A book of records company never talks via whatsapp only. Please verify their physical presence
  5. The offshore record companies must be asked for hardcopy and if they quote huge fee avoid them
  6. Don’t pay any fee to record companies only for priority decision
  7. Some people are using other record company website pictures to fool public so that they can believe that they are companies from abroad.